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Unforgettable Love Stories That Continue to Enchant Us

by William

Ready to hit the weekend? For the majority of the population, it usually means watching as many movies as you possibly can! After all, nothing beats the cold weather outside, other than being curled up on your favorite couch as you stream your favorites on your flat screens! And the weekend just gets sweeter, especially if you are a DIRECTV subscriber because the provider offers nothing less than all the top-notch channels in HD!

So, you can watch all that you love without worrying a bit about the service. DIRECTV offers a diverse mix of options that comprises everything! From the finest classics to memorable comedies to high-powered action to irresistible romance movies to a lot more! So, if you are in search of on-demand content, then you don’t have to look any further, for we have handpicked some of the top-rated flicks, just for you!

A Walk to Remember

The world of streaming video content is another convenient escape for you but it is also another platform that consists of some of the best stories! However, this doesn’t mean that stories released back in the day are of any less importance. Something that this classic tale of love proves.

Based on the famous novel by Nicholas Sparks, it is the story of Landon and Jamie, two individuals, who are as different as chalk from cheese. When life throws them together, the two inspire each other, transforming each other in the wake as they discover values of friendship, hope, faith, service, and eventually love. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lifetime to be together as a greater tragedy hits them and shatters the world they have built for themselves. This movie best illustrates the famous proverb in the English language – one should never judge a book by its cover. If you like sappy tear-jerkers, this is perfect for it! Highly recommended!


The animated flick ‘Up’ will not simply pull at your heartstrings but also a tear or two, along with a diverse range of emotions–sadness, friendship, grief, gratitude, love, and even joy. After all, love isn’t just a verb, sometimes it is an adventure too! And that’s the charm of this delightful animated motion picture.

The 78-year-old balloon salesman, Carl Fredricksen is a widower, whose goal in life is to fulfill his late wife’s dream – go off the grid to search for Paradise Falls. Hence, to accomplish this lifelong dream, he ties a gazillion of balloons to his house, so he could fly away to the wild beauty – that is South America. Only to find that life’s unpredictability lies in its predictability. Being the characteristic Pixar animation, the story, the visuals, and the message stands strong. As do the characters, who are humane and believable in every way. Watch this movie to understand and appreciate this precious thing called Life.

A Roman Holiday

If you are in search of a movie that defines classic romance and holds the potential to sweep you away, then you have got to watch A Roman Holiday. Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the lead role, the movie revolves around a crown princess, who wants to explore the European beauty, of Rome. Overcome by her suffocating tour agenda, the team doctor inoculates her to calm her frantic nerves. Unfortunately, the sedative goes into effect when she decides to take the night off. Luckily for her, she is found by Joe Bradley, an American reporter in Rome, who is supposed to cover the princess’s tour.

Since he doesn’t recognize her or her regal identity at once (and assumes her to be another tourist), he takes her to his rental for safety. But the next day at work, when the princess’s picture is thrust in front of him, he immediately recognizes her. To watch what happens next, stream the movie now! After all, European royalty, an American reporter, and a restorative sedative are just some of the ingredients that make one charming movie! Watch now!

Silver Linings Playbook

Another movie that’s based on the novel of the same name, the movie is a fantastic rom-com, which stars Robert DeNiro, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence in the leads. It is a story of two different people, who meet in unlikely circumstances and form an unshakeable bond. The movie is also about the influence that mental health may have on one’s life. The male protagonist, Pat Solatano returns to his parent’s place from the mental facility center, where he was sent for his paranoid and aggressive behavior after beating his ex-wife’s new partner.

However, with a restraining order from his ex-wife, he still believes that his life will get on track, simply by winning over his ex and showing her that he is a changed man (for good.) Unfortunately, it is not that simple. On one hand, he has his father, who has placed a bet on the Philadelphia Eagles. And on the other hand, there is his new friend, Tiffany, who is also suffering from several psychological issues and wants to win this dance competition. For this, she requires Pat’s help by becoming her dancing partner for the competition. Watch sparks fly as the movie can perfectly be defined as a modern classic!

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

What do you do when you meet someone, who feels like a part of you – yet you both know that your timing is wrong? Here We Go Again is a rom-com-meets-musical that’s both written and directed by OI Parker. Originally based on the musical of 1999, it used music by ABBA. What’s interesting about this movie is that it’s both a sequel and a prequel to 2008’s musical hit, Mamma Mia, and boy, does this take the movie to another level! We wouldn’t be surprised if the sight of the suave Pierce Brosnan dancing in flippers haunted you!

Plenty of factors make this movie stand out. One, all the song favorites from the first movie have been renewed for the new installation. Two, it delves deeper into the early years of Donna Sheridan that’s played by the lovely Lily James. As Sophie learns more about her mom’s past and her past partners, who could have possibly fathered her, the dilemma of the family hotel comes into play as well, especially since it has been reopened. Reunite with your favorite cast and see them tackle new challenges in their journey.

Get a Premium Service Subscription & Simply Enjoy!

So what are you waiting for? Instead of subscribing to several different streaming platforms, use a decent streaming TV subscription like DIRECTV Stream. And enjoy easy access to an on-demand library that holds hundreds of top titles. Pick some of your favorites and enjoy them without any hassle! Whether you select the quintessential love story or an eclectic one, some of the above-mentioned movies refresh you with their quiet simplicity, fresh story-telling, and understated charm.

So, jump on that uber-comfy couch of yours and surround yourself with your favorite snacks like mellow-sweet buttery fries or popcorn with an extra-large soda drink on the side, and enjoy your movie marathon like never before!

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